List of websites/domains blocked by ISP's in Portugal


The purpose of this website/repository is to list in public domain the websites blocked by ISP's in Portugal, mostly because there is no official source or information: The regulating identities issue blocking requests to ISP's without public information, blocking can vary between ISP's and sometimes there are websites blocked by mistake.


Reference DNS: .
Status Codes:
  1. -2 Not Scanned;
  2. -1 Can't be Resolved (Neither the reference DNS neither the ISP's DNS could resolve);
  3. 1 Not Blocked;
  4. 1 DNS Blocked (The DNS did not reply, but the domain was resolved by the reference DNS. See DNS blocking);
  5. 0 DNS 'Redirect' (The DNS replied differently from what it actually is. See DNS hijacking).


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Not Scanned Can't be Resolved Not Blocked DNS Blocked DNS 'Redirect' Last Scan
Domain IP BlockDate Reason